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FREE CONTENT is not free to create.

Video content on Aviation101 will always be free to the public, but it all takes a lot of time and resources to produce and post.

I don't endorse a company because we're sponsored,

we are sponsored because I want to endorse the company.



Keeping an aircraft clean is a very important aspect of being an aviator, especially once you own one yourself. Aircraft require special attention to the type of products we use to clean them - ammonia-free, bleach-free... so many household and automotive cleaners are way too harsh to use on the surfaces of an airplane, and on top of that, we've had to accumulate so many different types of cleaners for paint, windows, engine, and interior. Not anymore. Release Ultra Concentrate is my replacement for all of it. Release relates to the soil, so it's completely safe on everything on the airplane from engine and belly grease, to the windshield, to the avionics and upholstery. It works so well that I even keep bottles of Release dilute it in our hangar, the plane, at the house, and even in my truck. 

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Flying Eyes Optics focuses on providing carefully-engineered eyewear designed for comfortable use under headsets and helmets. I used to be a loyal wearer of a name-brand pair of shades, but now having worn only Flying Eyes for almost three years, I'll never go back to heavy and bulky glasses.

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Learning to fly is hard enough without the added challenge of learning this new "air traffic control" language along the way. There are tons of apps to learn a new language, but what about an app to learn aviation radio phraseology and procedures? PlaneEnglish does exactly that in an interactive app that steps your through drill, exercises, and modules.

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The coolest story I have about SiriusXM getting me out of a jam is from the Bahamas. It came time for us to depart toward Florida, but Bahamian thunderstorms had their own plans. My 3G cell service was very slow, so I couldn't judge a departure window... The GDL52 that lives in my bag delivered satellite NEXRAD in less than a minute. The cocktail in Florida tasted especially good after that flight back across the water.



Coflyt is solving a problem that I didn't know I had: keeping track of maintenance requirements, deadlines, engine, airframe, and component times on our aircraft. Coflyt keeps your times and inspections in-check and lets me know when the plane is going to need something. Now, I couldnt imagine NOT having that.

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