Aviation is worth Capturing.  









believe that it should be shared with the world free of charge, but making weekly videos can get expensive. There is equipment to purchase and maintain as well as many other costs that can add up in the production of a quality video which can be both entertaining and full of useful information for pilots and enthusiasts alike.  When I get behind a yoke I go to places that are magnificent and documenting the journey to share with my viewers is very important to me.


By pledging, you will help further develop Aviation101 into the Channel we've all been looking for.  The goal is to have a channel that expresses the true reasons I got my pilot's license, and why you should get yours! 


Ever since I was a boy, I've always been intrigued by airplanes. I've also had a very strong passion for film making, which lay dormant until I decided to create a YouTube Channel about flying.  My parents provided me the priceless opportunity to begin flight training at a very early age, so, needless to say, Aviation101 would not be where it is now without them. 


Over time, my goals for the channel have shifted. I began with the mindset of Aviation101 being a channel where I could simply edit and share my flight experiences with the world. I soon began realizing how much my viewers wanted to see more details and wanted to know all about where I was going, why and how they could view the journey through my eyes as Pilot in Command.


I've documented many of my weekend trips in our airplane, and as a result, I've received countless messages from viewers telling me how much my videos played a role in inspiring them to pursue their private pilot's license. That, is the biggest reward I could ever ask for.  That is also one of the reasons I continue to share and documents my flights.


At 22 years old, it's a dream come true that I am able to fly myself and my loved ones around, and I also get to share those experiences with the world on YouTube. By pledging to the Aviation101 YouTube channel, you help to continue to inspire our future private pilots!




Q:  How can I donate money to support the channel and production? 

A:  You can either become a Patreon and donate to the channel every time a video is released or you can make a flat donation as often as you want to which helps with production and equipment costs.


Q:  What amount can I donate?

A:  There are various ranges on Patreon that a supporter can choose.  They will have differing levels of access every time a video is produced.  A flat donation can be for any amount.


Q:  What does being a Patreon mean?

A:  Being an Aviation101 Patreon means you get early access to new videos before they go public on YouTube as well as exclusive Bonus footage including full length flight videos and announcements for Patreons only.


Q:  How can I provide feedback as a Patreon?

A:  You can comment on the videos that are posted early and give me feedback which is crucial in helping me know what my viewers are wanting more or less of.



There are 3 ways to contribute…..