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Social media handles have changed!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Hi all,

As part of the whole "Aviation101" brand change, I've shifted the social media handles as well. Previously, the handles have been:

Facebook: @MrAviation101

Twitter: @MrAviation101

Instagram: @captainmraviation101

They've changed to:

Facebook: @Aviation101Films

Twitter: @Aviation101Film

Instagram: @Aviation101Films

The Twitter handle lacks the "S" because Twitter has a 15-character limit for the usernames, so I nixed the S. Each social network has an account already by the name of @Aviation101, and I could go to the support team and have them close those accounts (all of them haven't posted in 5+ years), but I decided it's not worth my time for the usernames. Besides, those who don't know Aviation101 always ask what it is, so having "films" after it helps answer that for them.

Fly safe!

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