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So many issues lately...

Hey Everyone!

We've been dealing with our fair share of issues lately, and it's put a damper on the amount of time I've been able to spend at the desk editing content.

I was supposed to take a trip to Florida on December 1st, not only gather more content, but get some engine mods installed. Our airplane had other plans, though.

The oil quick drain valve on the bottom of the oil sump started slowly leaking (it was old), so it was time to unscrew it and install a new valve. The brass fitting was seized inside the sump so tightly that the sump had to be removed to extract it (we tried everything, this was our last resort). The brass valve finally broke loose, we installed the new valve, and re-installed the sump.

After putting 5 or 6 hours on the engine, my Dad and I departed HYI on an instrument proficiency flight when the engine started losing power on the climb out. We made a successful partial-power u-turn back to a clear runway and put it down. We de-cowled the engine bay and saw no signs of anything abnormal at all. I downloaded the data from the engine monitor and looked at every data point during takeoff and climb (recorded every half-second), and saw nothing abnormal there either (other than a drop in RPM and all 4 EGTs at the same time). We concluded that the induction system became contaminated with something (water that wouldn't drain during preflight, scale in the fuel lines that broke loose, etc). We took off the next day and circled the airport at 3,500ft for two hours at various engine configs and experienced no anomalies. We've had several successful flights since then.

Shortly after the induction contamination issue, my Dad and I were going on yet another instrument flight when #4 cylinder had a fouled plug (detected on run-up with roughness on the L mag followed by a large drop on #4 EGT). We tried everything in the book to clear the fouled spark plug, but we had to taxi back to the hanger with no success. We de-cowled the airplane in front of the hangar, rotated the plugs, and replaced the dirty plugs with new plugs (we always keep spares in stock). We re-cowled and were off to the skies, and the engine has been behaving since.

More updates will be on the way as these engine mods and more content are being produced. We've been staying SO busy over here. I hope everyone is well.

Talk soon! Fly safe.

- Josh

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