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Packing for the NEXT trip! N80991 is BACK!

Hi, All!

I'm in the middle of packing the camera/computer gear (clothes and other "non" essentials will come later) for the next trip. N80991, our C172, is back up and running with the new engine, and I feel she's ready for a trip. The last trip I took in '991 was to Florida and back for Sun 'n Fun 2019, and the whole trip I was experiencing abnormally low oil pressure and hot oil temp. That was the last time I took the airplane on any significant trip, and that engine was ready for an overhaul. Now she's back with a fresh bottom-end in the engine, and the engine monitor is showing all is normal again!

I'll be flying out to Apopka, FL for a friend's wedding which I'm a groomsman in. I'm going to take this opportunity to film some new, fresh content in N80991. Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions!


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