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NEXT LIVE STREAM: March 21st @ 19:00 CDT (00:00 UTC)

It's been a healthy delay on this one. Here at Aviation101 HQ, we're quickly outgrowing the physical space. More on that soon. If you can't watch the LiveStream LIVE, worry not! It'll be recorded and the link will stay on Cockpit Club indefinitely.

I WILL be drawing a name to giveaway a Lightspeed Leather FLIGHT BAG during the livestream, and if your name is drawn, I'll reach out to you.

We'll be talking about developments lately, trips I've gone on, and that are coming up, and of course, ask away with your questions! I'll answer them on camera.

More Exclusive Full-Length videos are on the way, too. 6 of them, to be exact. Okay, back to editing! Comment with any questions you have!

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