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N80991 Update: You won't believe this...

So N80991 had its engine install completed today along with all the logbook paperwork. All good to go! Initial ground runs showed great results and she's ready for her test flight. My Dad and I get to the airport to take the airplane on its first flight in 4 months and with a newly-rebuilt engine. We taxi to the run-up area with no problems, do the run-up with NO PROBLEMS, then.... PROBLEM! I was in the right seat reading the checklist for my Dad. We finished the before takeoff checklist and he let go of the brakes to roll to the hold-short line of the runway, and the airplane won't move.

We thought the brakes were stuck. He gave it some power and we sluggishly rolled forward a few feet and we could then feel it: the nose gear tire just went flat. We obviously didn't fly. We instead walked along side the FBO's tug as they dragged the airplane back to the hangar. Hopefully I'll get ahold of a new tire and tube tomorrow morning and install it ASAP. Still trying to find the cause of the puncture - it's a pin-sized hold on the side of the tube. No sign of a hole on the tire.

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