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Just Finished Filming a Ten-Part Series

Hi all!

I dropped the ball on scheduling posts here while I've been away (Sept. 18 thru Oct. 5). Arnaldo (Coast to Coast Series) and I flew his Turbo Mooney all over the U.S. in the last two weeks.

I have 12TBs of footage coming home with me that I'll cut to tell the story of this amazing adventure for you. We had our fair share of failures including the turbo needing replacement two days before the trip, the HSI failing during the trip, and myself having a dual hard drive failure 4 days into the trip (I recovered and backed up the data), and a camera completely failing in Montana. It's a good thing I'm a rewards member at Best Buy, because I unexpectedly spent a lot of money with them on this trip, just to keep the content flow going. That sort of action isn't possible without the support of everyone here!

Places we covered include:

  1. NYC Hudson Corridor

  2. Cape Cod

  3. Maine for Dinner

  4. Downtown Boston at Night

  5. Niagara Falls

  6. Chicago Skyline

  7. Oshkosh without EAA Airventure

  8. Mt. Rushmore

  9. Yellowstone National Park

  10. Pacific Coast Avionics (HSI Failure)

  11. Evergreen Aviation Museum (Spruce Goose)

  12. PNW Mountain Circuit (Mt. Hood, Adams, Rainier, St. Helens, Oregon Coastline)

  13. Crater Lake National Park

  14. We then flew diagonally back to Florida (KLMT to KORL)

We couldn't be happier with how the trip turned out and the content we gathered. I'll keep everyone updated on the progress of that content. Thanks so much for the patience and support.

P.S. Another Live Stream coming this month (near the end of October) - announcement soon!

Fly Safe!

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