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Another trip: 3,100nm!

Where am I going?

Hi folks! It's time to get more footage, and dust off the ol' instrument rating. I'm departing IFR on 5/24/2020 around 05:30 CDT from KHYI to head out to Florida for some work-related stuff, and I'm going to film the trip for y'all along the way. I also plan to do a bunch of local flying around Florida on the off-work days, including filming the SpaceX launch on Wednesday! This will be the first launch since 2011 (I think) with astronauts on board! Then, I plan to jump up to North Carolina for a nice getaway to the mountains (KAVL, most likely), down to a few spots in FL for some more meetings, back to Orlando for a commitment in early June, then finally, head home! All of this will be in N80991.

What content is next?

I recently took a trip in a Piper Cherokee 180 from east Texas to Phoenix with Katey, who just got her Private Pilot Certificate! We had a blast ferrying the newly-purchased airplane to its new home, and we captured all the lessons learned on camera. That will (most likely) be a single video. After that video, I'll begin editing the content I'm about to capture over the next two weeks, all-the-while having Ryan (editior) edit the full-length exclusive cuts for Cockpit Club.

Where's the Exclusive Content?

Ryan (editor) is still working on the full-length stuff for Cockpit Club from the AQP series. We're hoping for that stuff to be finished early next week, and I can start pushing out to y'all here on Cockpit Club. Apologies for the delay. Growing pains! I (we) can hardly keep up. Bear with me.

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