March of 2013 marked the official beginning of my aviation career.  I earned my Private Pilot Certificate on that date and my life would be forever changed.  Witnessing his son’s achievement motivated my Dad to get current and do a Biennial Flight Review.  This would reinstate his Certificate so that he could continue on the path of living out his passion for aviation.


We were now both Certified Pilots and decided it was the perfect time to look for an airplane to own and to make a part of our family.  There were many discussions on what type, model, configuration and size.  Some of the contenders included Cessna 172s, 182s and Piper Cherokees.  Single engine seemed to be the best fit and the 172 Skyhawk size was also appropriate for our lifestyle.  Having already owned a 172N, we knew what to expect.  

On a cool day in November 2013, a friend and I flew to Brenham, TX (11R) in a rental Cessna 152 out of Austin, TX.  


We were headed for the 50’s style diner that used to operate out of the Brenham terminal building.   A brown & gold Cessna 172 on the ramp with a very prominent “For Sale” sign on the windshield immediately caught my eye.  After speaking to the owner, we arranged to go back and take a look at and test fly it.  The rest is history.  N80991 entered into our lives that day and she’s been taking us everywhere ever since.


A fresh coat of paint in blue tones that matched the one on our old 172N “Juliet”  transformed her and gave her a new look and a new identity.  She was ready for the skies! N80991 has been a significant part of our lives ever since and is a prominent character in her own right in most of my YouTube videos.  Most of you know her well.  Dad and I expect to have her for many years to come and to live out many more adventures in our beloved bird.


Photos of her transformation...